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Extended Play (E.P.) at SXSW

Going to SXSW this weekend? Our friends at EP Presents have an ongoing series of pop-up galleries (March 8th-18th) to coincide with the festival. They're working with two up-and-coming artists to showcase works they're producing.

MAX BRAND (b.1982, Leipzig, Germany) and THOMAS JEPPE (b. 1984, Perth, Australia), will have paintings, sculptures, drawings, and installations in our exhibition space at 905 East 7th Street (very close to Fader Fort). They're both accomplished artists and their works are already being quickly picked up by important galleries, museums, and collectors. Both completely sold out of their works at Art Basel Miami this past December. 

Thomas Jeppe is an Australian artist that makes bold, graphic, and heavily conceptual work. You look at a piece of his and would have no idea the precise conceptual elements that inform it. Max Brand is a German artist that makes mixed media art: he applies computer graphics, oil and acrylic paint, pieces of fabric, bleach, dirt, and lastly adds small pen drawings. Generally speaking, they will be showcasing artists whose "work mirrors the same level of creative and emotional expression as found in the music one would find at the festival". 

Make sure to check these guys our when you're down in ATX this month.


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